Abdullah Asim

BA (Hons) Photography student

Abdullah Asim profile- VisCom student stories Did you find it easy to settle in when you first started? 

Settling in was quite easy as everyone was very welcoming, and we undertook group activities to keep students engaged with each other. 

What types of projects can students expect to do during their first year?

My first year project was based on understanding photographic representation, I focused on self-representation, where I explored how I saw myself through photography. 

As you progress throughout the year, you can expect more challenging briefs, but the tutors are always there to give a helping hand and to help solve any problem you might be facing.

What have you enjoyed most about the course so far?

Being part of this course has taught me a vast amount about researching, managing and executing a project. My most favourite part has been interacting with people, making new friends and then executing my ideas with them to create something unique and meaningful.

What do you like about being a student in Birmingham?

You feel like you are part of a family. At BCU they pay attention to our mental health, there are dedicated staff members to support students who may be facing any sort of challenges during their time at BCU.

Are you involved in any extra-curricular activities/ societies?

I am currently the President of BCU’s Pakistani Society where we practice and showcase our culture and promote the spirit of friendship and teamwork by holding events, both educational and recreational, throughout the year. There are various other societies available for you to choose from, such as football society, badminton society, movie club, arts and crafts, book reading club, etc.

What advice would you give to someone about to start your course?

Be patient, it takes time for everything to settle in and to make friends. If there any concerns regarding anything, do not hesitate to speak to the administration team. I would urge you join different societies, take part in healthy activities and have fun while staying safe.