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STEAMhouse is a place powered by Birmingham City University where new ideas become reality. Our "STEAM" thinking, combined with support from our strategic networks is specifically designed to support the development of innovation and growth across your business. Join a community of entrepreneurs, enterprises, creatives and academics generating new solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

What is STEAM?

Birmingham City University is acknowledged as a thought-leader in STEAM - an interdisciplinary way of thinking that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, aimed at finding the most innovative solutions to today's challenges.

Our principles for STEAM are; approaching problems and challenges with an open-mind set where every contribution is valued equally; following a facilitated interdisciplinary approach and; combining analytical and creative perspectives.

We continue to explore the potential for STEAM but our principles are already being applied to challenges in teaching, research, product and business development.

What is STEAMhouse?

Our innovation centre, aimed at encouraging the collaboration of the arts, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEAM) sectors, is generating incredible opportunities for the West Midlands and beyond.

STEAMhouse is a collective; a living, breathing community of business experts, innovators, disrupters, thought leaders, design practitioners, academics, SMEs, large organisations, and corporate firms, who join together to drive business growth and overcome commercial and societal challenges through collaborative innovation.

How does STEAMhouse help?

Our services can provide you with the support to start up and grow your business, support to innovate by exploring different methods and ideas and support to develop your skills. We can even help you find flexible, sustainable new space to inspire your team back to the office in our inspiring environment.

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Exciting new development coming soon

Work has started on the multi-million pound project to transform the historic Belmont Works into the new home for Phase 2 of our innovative STEAMhouse. The new building will open early 2022. If you would like to learn more about this exciting development, please visit the STEAMhouse website using the button below.

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Interested in STEAMhouse?

If you would like to know more about the services that STEAMhouse has to offer, please click the button below to visit our dedicated website.