Student Partnership Agreement

We want you to gain the most out of your University life with us, so our Student Partnership Agreement has been developed to help you understand our shared responsibilities ensuring a fruitful and productive learning partnership.

We want you to join us in our partnership.

Our University mission is:

To transform the prospects of individuals, employers and society through excellence in practice-based education, research and knowledge exchange.

Supported by a vision:

To be the leading university for creative and professional practice inspired by innovation and enquiry.
To enable us to realise our mission and vision and to support you in fulfilling your academic potential we have developed the partnership commitments set out below, in collaboration with the Students’ Union.

Birmingham City University undertakes to:
  • Treat students and colleagues equally and respectfully
Birmingham City University undertakes to provide:
  • High standards of teaching, support, advice and guidance
  • Access to activities that will enhance employability and personal development
  • Continuing professional development for its staff to ensure the delivery of a high quality learning experience
  • Support for student participation in academic development and course management, including elections of representatives
  • Access to counselling and advice on: health and welfare; accommodation; finance, careers and immigration and visas
  • Clearly defined access to academic skills, library and IT facilities.
As a student you should:
  • Treat staff and fellow students equally and respectfully
  • Attend induction, participate in timetabled classes, attend meetings with tutors
  • Take responsibility for managing your own learning: actively engaging in your course; ensuring you spend sufficient regular time in private study, and participating fully in group learning activities
  • Submit assessed work by stated deadlines and actively participate in feedback that can enhance the quality of future teaching
  • Support course representatives and participate in systems which will lead to improvements in the quality of learning and teaching
  • Respect the physical environment of the University, including accommodation, and behave respectfully towards neighbours
  • Make prompt payment of charges made by the University
  • Familiarise yourself with the University's regulations, policies and procedures and comply with these
Birmingham City University undertakes to provide students with the following information:
  • Accurate and timely provision of course timetables of your studies
  • Stated periods of notice for changes to timetables, cancelled classes and re-scheduling of content
  • Clear deadlines and timeframes – in course handbooks – for feedback on submitted work
  • A course guide which provides information about learning, teaching and assessment, about academic guidance and support and about professional requirements (where appropriate). The course guide provides links to information about regulations and appeals and complaints procedures.
  • Course fees, payment options and deadlines, and an estimate of necessary additional costs.
The Students’ Union undertakes to:
  • Be the primary champion of the student voice
  • Support all students to ensure they receive equal treatment and are aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • Support student participation in quality enhancement activities – especially through the development and training of elected course representatives
  • Advise and represent students with academic and welfare problems
  • Represent and advance the interests of students at local and national level
  • Support active student engagement in the community
  • Provide a range of activities, in and out of the curriculum, to enhance personal and professional development.

The Student Partnership Agreement has been designed and developed by staff and students. It gives you a clear understanding of what you, as a student, can expect from the University, but also what commitments you need to make in return.

The Student Partnership Agreement gives a summary of our aspirations and expectations for each other at Birmingham City University. It is not, however, a legally binding contract and it is not intended either to define or limit the legal rights and responsibilities of Birmingham City University, Birmingham City Students’ Union and each student.

If you want to feedback anything throughout your university career regarding the Student Partnership Agreement, please contact the Students' Union Voice.

The Student Contract

When you enrol at Birmingham City University – either for the first time or as a returning student – you enter into a formal agreement with the University, with responsibilities on both sides.

*Student Partnership Agreement updated September 2015