The Student Contract

Our responsibilities

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Our responsibilities to you include legal obligations under consumer law, which include making sure you can easily find important information about:

  • The University
  • Your course
  • Other aspects of University life.

When you accept an offer of a place, you enter into a contract with the University which includes obligations on both sides. The main terms you need to be aware of are set out in the Terms and Conditions which are available below.

Your responsibilities as a student include:

  • Attending the University and engaging fully with your studies whether in a formal teaching environment, in group work with your peers or in self-directed study
  • Following the rules, regulations, policies and procedures applicable to you as a student (the Academic Regulations and other relevant policies and procedures).
  • Paying your fees.

Academic Regulations and other relevant policies and procedures

The Academic Regulations and other policies and procedures below will apply to you as a student. It is important that you are aware of them and understand their relevance to you. Please note that there may be additional policies that will apply to you which are specific to your Faculty or School.

Our policies are checked and reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), an independent body set up to safeguard quality and standards in UK higher education.

Academic Regulations and other relevant policies and procedures 2019/20

Please note the Academic Regulations and other relevant policies were previously referred to as the University Regulations.

Refund and Compensation policy for course closures - See Annex 1 to Student Protection Plan

Student Protection Plan

Access and Participation Plan 2019/20

Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy

The rules, regulations, policies and procedures for 19/20 are being revised in line with the QAA revised codes of practice and internal re-structuring. The new versions will be uploaded prior to the start of the 19/20 academic year. There will be a ‘no detriment policy’ applied between the 19/20 and 18/19 rules, regulations, policies and procedures. The 18/19 versions are available on the tab below for reference but please note these documents will change and should be viewed for indicative purposes only.


Where students wish to reside in University accommodation, they are required to enter into a separate contract (a licence) with the University. The licence and further information can be found here. Please note this contract only applies to University run accommodation namely University Locks for 2019/20. Other providers and private landlords will have their own separate terms and conditions which students should consider carefully before accepting. Students are advised to obtain independent legal advice before signing any legally binding agreements.

University Regulations 2018/19

University Regulations 2017/18