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Applying for accommodation

As soon as you have received a course offer from us, you can apply for University accommodation. Your offer letter will include your Birmingham City University Application Number (Student ID), which you will need when completing the online accommodation application form.

Apply by 31 August
To guarantee accommodation


Student accommodation

How to apply

How to apply


Look at our available accommodation to identify your preference. Please choose University or Private Halls accommodation close to the campus where you will be studying. Your course page will tell you where you’ll be based


You can register on our Online Accommodation Services website. You will need to complete the personal details section and provide your Student ID


You will then receive two emails - one confirming your registration and another giving you a validation code


You can now login to the Online Accommodation Services website using your ID, password and validation code


Select ‘Applications’ from the online menu and complete your online accommodation application


You will then receive an email from us from April, if your course starts in September, detailing your accommodation offer


You should apply by 31 August to guarantee your accommodation. If you apply late, we may need to refer you to other accommodation providers if all University rooms have been allocated.


Our accommodation service team can help find the right place for you.

As an international student you are guaranteed Birmingham City University accommodation for the duration of your course if you apply by 31 August.

University Halls

We encourage all new international students go into University halls of residence because it gives you the opportunity to meet other students and get to know the local area.

Private accommodation

If you decide that you want to stay in private accommodation we have our own letting agency - 'Birmingham City Student Homes,' which is the best way to find private accommodation.

It employs enthusiastic and experienced staff who are dedicated to ensuring your search for accommodation is as straightforward as possible.

For further details please contact us

+44 (0)121 202 4696
Birmingham City Student Homes