Join our webinars

These are challenging and uncertain times, but they also present an opportunity: to remove the barrier of distance and connect virtually.

Picture of students walking through campus

Why register for a webinar?

These webinars have been created to provide you with the opportunity to:

  •   Attend University workshops
  •   Ask questions directly to our team and advisory staff
  •   Take part in fun activities and meet other students virtually

Enrolment webinars 

International Student Enrolment (Punjab Translation)

Tuesday 8 September, 1:00pm - 2:00pm (BST)

International Student Enrolment (Chinese Translation)

Wednesday 9 September, 1:00pm - 2:00pm (BST)

How webinars work

Simply click on the registration link for your chosen webinar and enter your details. You will then be sent an invitation to attend the webinar on the given date and time, and we will send you a reminder beforehand so that you don’t forget! We hope to see you there!

Some of our webinars feature a live 20-minute presentation by our staff, followed by an opportunity for you to send question to the team.