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Your annual tuition fees cover everyday tuition, examination costs and membership of the Students’ Union. They don't cover the cost of textbooks and other course materials.

You can pay the balance immediately or set up a payment plan to pay in three or six instalments.

If we offer you a course place as an overseas (non-UK or EU) student you'll have to pay the ‘overseas’ tuition fee. Fees differ for overseas students as we do not receive external funding from the UK Government. However, if you can show a relevant connection to the UK or the EU, you may be classed as a ‘home’ student and therefore be exempt from international fees.



You may also be eligible for one of our scholarships and bursaries for international students, which can help cover part of your tuition fees during your first year of study.
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Planning your finance

Planning your finances

As part of your visa application you’ll need to show that you have enough money for your first year of study tuition fees, and living expenses to cover your first 12 months in the UK.
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