Keeping your money safe

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Birmingham City University is aware of fraudulent activity at universities across the country where a third party fraudulently offers to pay a student’s fees on their behalf at a discounted rate.

Once this fraudulent third party receives the money from the student, they then use stolen credit cards to attempt to pay off fees to the University. As these payments will be rejected, this leaves the student's fees unpaid but their money still in the hands of the third party fraudster.

Students should only pay their fees through a method approved by the University and must let the University know if their fees are being paid by an official sponsor or other funder.

If students are concerned they may be the victim of this fraud they should contact the University.

How you can protect yourself from fraud:

  • Avoid individuals or companies advertising fee payment services, especially if they are offering a discount; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and yet their illegal activity will likely be up to you to resolve as you will be liable and more often than not left out of pocket.
  • Do not share your University student payment account details with anyone and regularly change your password.
  • Check your account frequently to ensure that you recognise all transactions being made.

Further advice on fraud protection is available from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).