Sport at BCU

Sport and exercise offer great benefits both physically and mentally. As a student at BCU, you'll have the chance to try out a new sport or activity or join a weekly session with no strings attached! You'll be able to stay active while you study, meet new people and feel great.

Whether you're keeping fit or are interested in competitive sports, BCU Sport has something for you.

What are you interested in?

Sports and keeping fit

If you just want to keep fit and indulge in your favourite sports, with Active Wellbeing you can just turn up and play.

Active wellbeing

Competitive sport

Do you play a sport at a competitive level? View our range of BCU sports teams and sports scholarships.
Competitive sport

Sports scholarship

Our BCU Sports Scholarships support your sporting achievements alongside your studies.
Sports scholarship

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The Department of Sport and Exercise is committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of work it undertakes related to sport and exercise, sports therapy, physiotherapy and physical education and school sport.

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doug ellis - facilities

Sports facilities

Whether you're into court sports, field sports or just general fitness, we have something for you at our sports facilities. 

Our facilities

bcu sport teams

BUCS sport teams

we have identified a number of target sports who have a commitment to performing at the highest levels possible. 

BUCS sport teams

partnerships bcu sport


We partner with a range of sporting associations in order to give you the best facilities and coaches. Find out more about our partnerships.


Check out our sports map of Birmingham!

See the map

As one of the biggest cities in the UK, it probably isn't a surprise to you that Birmingham has a lot of sports teams and venues. With the announcement that Birmingham will be hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games, this is only set to increase.