Sports Scholarship

At BCU, we want to support your sporting achievement alongside your studies and we realise the commitment of dual career athletes. Our Sports Scholarship is available to students performing to a high standard in their sport to help them realise their sporting potential while studying.

Who is the scholarship for?

The scholarship is designed to support those who have the potential to become elite athletes and are currently competing at a performance level. We can also offer support to students who may be excelling in sport in different ways such as coaches and officials. To be eligible, you must have an offer of a place on a BCU course, or be already studying here. Students studying any of our courses may be eligible - not just those studying sports courses - both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The aims of the BCU Sport Scholarship Programme are:

  • To provide a leading university based athlete support programme
  • To provide individualised resource focussed on the needs of the athlete
  • To enable athletes to further develop their knowledge and understanding of high performance sport
  • To support athletes in their quest for excellence

What does the scholarship offer?

The typical support package that is offered includes:

  • Strength and conditioning support
  • Sports nutrition support
  • Sport psychology support
  • Expert coaching (dependent on sport)
  • Sport therapy 
  • Anti-doping support
  • Performance lifestyle support
  • Sport kit
  • Performance support funding of up to £500 towards athlete development

* Please note that the scholarship does not provide any discount towards tuition fees. 

Current scholars

We have a number of talented scholars taking part in the programme.

Sports Scholarship Joshua Nathan

Joshua Nathan - BUCS Gold Medallist 

BA (Hons) Architecture

"The BCU Sports Scholarship programme offers outstanding support to my specific needs as an athlete. The experienced support team is vital, with positive communication with my lecturers to maintain balance with my studies and my sport, not to mention the extremely helpful financial support allowing me to be equipped with everything I need to compete at the highest level."

Brandon Lynch - BUCS Gold Medallist

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition

"For me it was about what the scholarship represents - driving towards goals, exceeding limits and leaving behind a legacy"

Monique Pascall - BUCS Finalist 

BA (Hons) Business Management

"Being a part of BCU's Sports Scholars has excelled my performance to a new level. The united contribution of the professional staff and specialist facilities available has helped me to achieve my sport goals while studying."

If you are interested in applying for a Sports Scholarship, please email us requesting an application pack.