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Do you have opportunities you would like to share with a diverse and motivated student and graduate population?

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Birmingham City University organises in person and virtual opportunities for you to meet students and recent graduates raising your company profile and promoting the range of opportunities available.

Some of the services on offer include:

Careers Fairs:
In person or virtual events take place throughout the year enabling you to meet with large number of students. Events may have an industry focus eg Engineering and IT, or promote wider opportunities eg Graduate Opportunities, or Volunteering with the 3rd Sector. Typical student attendance - 200-1000

Meet the Employer events:
These events enable your organisation to meet with students and recent graduates remotely or in person to promote specific opportunities you are recruiting for. These are usually more bespoke in nature with time for Q&A and follow up. Typical student attendance 50-150

Employer Stands on Campus:
In person opportunities enabling you to have a stand in a prime location and promote your brand and roles you have to students. Typical student attendance - up to 1000


We have really enjoyed delivering information sessions with students about the Civil Service Fast Stream. The sessions were well organised, well attended and the students asked fantastic questions. Its has been a pleasure to work with the BCU careers team and I look forward to our continues relationship.

Naa Acquah, Policy Officer, Ministry of Justice, Departmental Operations Centre

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We here at BCU said to give students an opportunity to complete their placements or do some volunteering to support their careers and their professional development. This has been a fantastic opportunity for us as a Barnardos and also volunteers. This has created lots of opportunities for students to become part of our Barnardos team.

Everyone's come with a really positive vibe, I guess because of COVID over the last two years. It's really nice to be back on campus, but really positive, really vibrant kind of environment today.

I think that it's really important to do stuff like this because this is the talent of the next generation, and especially for companies that are always looking for really talented individuals and fresh ideas. And next are massive advocates for bringing innovative ideas to industry.

We're here today to speak with students and people looking at getting their degrees about opportunities within the organisation and what we can offer them. It is a whole life career. You get a good working life. It's very challenging and just to speak with them and let them know what we can offer them.

I mean, at the fair it's crazy. Over a thousand students here and over 17 employers are here. I mean, a lot of students are booking on the door, and it looks like we're pretty sold out.

Yeah, there's lots of different businesses here. Lots of opportunities. Yeah, we're still going around and making our way on the map.

 I actually didn't know what industries are going to be coming in today, but I'm mostly focusing on going to a tech-based industry, which is basically going to allow me to continue doing my course. So as this place hosts a lot of different companies at one place, so I can have much more, a lot of options so that I can see which place is benefiting for me.

So graduates bring that fresh way of thinking for fresh talent into our business, and that helps us for the future. And we're also looking for the next leaders in our organisation. So that will really help us going forward.