It's not too late to apply

Missed the deadline or changed your mind?

If you’re planning on starting university in September 2024, you still have time to apply for an undergraduate course*. We consider all applications, though some of our more popular courses may already be full. We also know applying can get a bit complicated depending on whether or not you’ve already applied via UCAS. Our step-by-step guide takes you through your options.

*If you're looking for part-time or postgraduate courses check out our other advice on how to apply.

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Applying via UCAS

What to do if you missed the January deadline

Find a course

It’s important to find the course that’s right for you. Do your research, look at university course pagesorder a prospectus and narrow down your choices.

Check there are still places available

Some popular courses might already be full, but there may be similar options that still have places available for September 2024.

If you want information about a specific course you can contact us via our course enquiry form.

Submit a late application to UCAS

You can apply for undergraduate courses via UCAS until 31 January 2024. Once this date has passed your application will be processed through UCAS Extra or Clearing.

Need help with your application? Don't worry. Take a look at our guide to writing a personal statement and other application advice.

Changed your mind?

What is UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra is a great way to apply to additional universities or subjects after the initial UCAS deadline date of 31 January. UCAS Extra opens on 28 February 2024 but make sure you're eligible!

You can only apply to UCAS Extra if you have either received no offers from your original five choices or if you have changed your mind about the course/subject you wish to study and intend to decline all offers/choices you have. You can start applying through Extra now!

Can I apply via UCAS Extra?

You will be eligible for Extra only if:

  • You have used all five of your choices;
  • All your offers have been unsuccessful or you have formally withdrawn from any offers you might have received; or
  • You have cancelled any outstanding choices and hold no offers; or
  • You have received decisions from all five choices and have declined all offers made to you.

Extra is a big help if you have changed your mind about a course or the universities you've chosen, and the Extra listings are useful resource in identifying any alternative course possibilities. To find out more about UCAS Extra, visit the UCAS how to page.

If you're worried, want to explore other options, or need further help and advice about making an application at any time, please contact us using our course enquiry form.


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