BTEC students

So you've chosen a BTEC - they're so practical and there's often less exam pressure - hoorah! But it doesn't mean there's less work to do or less stress around deadline day.

Here are some of the most common BTEC questions and answers to achieve distinction grades.

How to get a Distinction in BTEC National Diploma

Tips from real students on how to get the best grade in your BTEC.

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How to keep on top of your BTEC assignments

Five tips to avoid your BTEC assignments getting on top of your assignments.

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Five things to check before you hand in your BTEC assignment

Follow these top tips before you hand in your assignment for the best chance to get the mark you deserve.

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How BTECs prepare you for university

Studying BTECs and thinking about uni? Did you know that your study skills might help you settle in?

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