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Exams and revision help

Looking for revision help? We’ve got a load of helpful articles containing expert tips on how to revise for exams, how to make revision notes and when to start revising. There's also a free revision guide for you to download.

Revision techniques and advice

Don't know where to start with revision? You're not alone! If you're struggling to get organised or figure out which exam to focus on first, read our top tips from our experts and students to help you plan your studies.

Revision hacks

Try these hacks to help you nail your exams.

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Best ways to revise

Match your learning style to the best revision techniques for you.

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How to memorise your notes

Find it hard to remember your notes? These tips will help you out.

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BTEC students

BTECs are largely practical and there can be less exam pressure, but it doesn't mean there's less work to do or less stress around deadline day. Here's some of the most common BTEC questions and answers to achieve distinction grades.

What is clearing?

Clearing offers you a chance to find a full time undergraduate course to start this September. Almost 70,000 students found their university place through Clearing last year, so you wouldn’t be alone in exploring your options.

Parents and guardians

Exam season is not only a stressful time for teens, but for their whole family, too! Find out how best to support your child with our dedicated parent pages full of tips and advice.

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