Student life

Studying a degree with us will offer you access to some of the best equipped specialist studios, learning centres and workshops in the UK.

 We will assure you set and agreed contact time with our lecturers and support staff. This also includes time spent with some of the UK’s most able practitioners, researchers, theoreticians.

You can also take advantage of our online learning support systems, and full access to our Student’s Union and Student Services support. We do ask you to be respectful, supportive and understanding of staff and fellow students at all times.

You will also participate in cultural and creative industry facing courses which value and promote employability and enterprise. You will also enjoy countless opportunities to learn from Birmingham’s wider creative community – right on the Faculty’s doorstep. 

We expect our students to engage professionally with their courses and take active responsibility for their learning. We expect our students to participate in all scheduled lessons and activities. Ultimately, you will be seen as ambassadors for the Faculty, the University and of course your subject area. 

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Student Union

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