Lorentz Gullachsen

Lorentz Gullachsen


Graduated in 1973/2010

Lorentz Gullachsen is a photographer who has shot internationally for over 25 years. He has won many awards for his work including the Association of Photographers' Gold, multiple Design and Art Direction (D&AD) awards for photography, as well as winning at the London Photographic Awards and the Sun Awards.

He has shot for Land Rover, Vodafone, British Airways and for multiple worldwide tourist boards and his photographs has been exhibited internationally. 

As a successful advertising and editorial photographer, Lorentz wished to work in education and also change his practice as the digital revolution gathered place. He studied a Diploma in Photography at Birmingham Polytechnic (now Birmingham City University) in 1973 and returned in 2010 to study a Master’s in Visual Communication. He went on to produce a body of work while on the course, ‘In the American West Midlands’, and one of the photographs was recognised at the Open Art Awards.

Since leaving, Lorentz has been able to pursue new opportunities, both within photography and education. One of the first commissions he had was to update a photographic textbook, using the new skills he had gained. He has also been lecturing and teaching at a number of colleges and universities, and also deliver seminars and workshops in the private sector. He has recently been involved with a number of charities, helping re-brand and producing image banks.