Enhancing your employability

Employer engagement is key to the way we work. It underlines our commitment to help students find the job they want.

As graduates, some of you will have the option to operate as freelance practitioners across all subjects. Others may choose work for a variety of organisations and businesses in the creative industries. Many work in sectors that recognise the value of creative, thinking, problem-solving professionals.  

We have exceptional levels of employer involvement, with:
  • visiting professionals supporting lectures
  • workshops and seminars, with masterclasses,
  • career advice
  • mentorship and placement opportunities

Students work on the Brit Awards

How do you fancy putting one of the biggest award ceremonies for British music on your CV? Our film and animation students can do just that, after helping to produce a two minute opening sequence for the 2016 event.

Partnerships with industry

Our graduates work in a range of successful careers
– producing work for companies such as Marvel, or creating illustrations for Macy’s department store.

We provide useful expertise to industry and engage in projects where students and academic staff collaborate with industry in a number of key ways, including Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

A KTP is a tried and tested three-way partnership between business, the University and a high calibre graduate (a ‘KTP Associate’), to generate innovative ideas for the company.  A KTP allows businesses to learn from the latest research and industry.

You will be encouraged to widen your creative perspective through field trips and overseas study. You will be supported in researching an area of employment which matches your career aims, getting insight through networking, freelance practice, entrepreneurship, self-promotion and introductory media.