Utilising new 3D technologies and dance choreography to create unique representations of the human body in movement.

Contemporary dance on stage


Research background

The research uses the innovative adaptation and implementation of cutting-edge visual and digital technology to create unique representations of the human body in movement. In doing so it pushes the boundaries of choreography as a multi-disciplinary art and design form through narrative interventions from film and photographic practice. Outputs include a cinematic film version broadcast on BBC, gallery installations as well as live ballet productions that explore questions of narrative structure, temporal perception, and the role of the choreographer in contemporary dance practice.

Research aims 

ATOMOS is an award winning dance performance where research was developed to create a film design expanding out of the stage environment blurring the lines between physical and virtual choreographic expression through dance and film. In this way a new manifestation of a live 3D experience was developed.

Research methods 

Research was undertaken in collaboration with 3D and event projection company, LCI Productions, to find a new way to use 3D imagery on individually moving screens on stage.  By creating screens which could act as one entire image and then separate when required we created a physical choreographic presence as well as create immersive 3D imagery. The imagery influences and becomes part of the physical dance on stage when viewed with 3D glasses which the audience wear during the performance.

Research outcomes 

This innovative experiments with 3D imaging and choreography were performed and seen internationally and were also made into a unique film experience broadcast on BBC. The cutting edge techniques furthered the discipline and exampled the ways in which these forms can make a third space – something that is choreographic, filmic and through this synthesis also something more. The work has been written about in an exegetical journal article.