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Alumni of the School of Social Sciences can be found up and down the UK, in countless different roles and companies. From criminologists creating their own businesses to psychologists research every aspect of the human psyche. We like to keep in touch with all of our graduates, so we can show you the big picture of where a Social Sciences degree can take you.

Below, you can find out personal stories of just a handful of our successful graduates, all demonstrating the flexibility of a degree from our school.

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Je-Nice Harris 700x350

Criminology - Je-Nice Harris

Course: MA Criminology
Graduated: 2018

Je-Nice chose Birmingham City University because of the positive feedback she’d seen for the Criminology course.

"The course was not just an opportunity to acquire a vast amount of knowledge, but also meant I was able to study in a class full of other future Criminologists." 

"For my full time role, holding a criminology degree really helps, especially when it comes to understanding certain aspects of my role better. There were several skills I adopted during my masters that have not only helped me through work, but also through real life."

"The best skill I learned during my time at BCU was communication; although I’ve always been a good communicator, being a part of a diverse class taught me that there is always more than one way to effectively discuss certain topics."

Nikki Molloy 700x350

Psychology - Nikki Molloy

Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology
Graduated: 2014

Nikki chose to study at Birmingham City University because she enjoyed the open day the most out of everywhere she visited. She felt like the professors cared about the success of the students. 

During her MSc, Nikki's group project was chosen as the best proposed solution for the Culture Change Programme for a global bank’s Diversity and Inclusion Board. Additionally, her course director nominated her and two other students as the highest performers to be put forward for a paid summer internship with Penna, and Nikki was chosen as the successful intern.

"I run training courses for accreditation to use our tools. I also have responsibility as international coordinator, where I manage our international partner and colleague network."

Iris-Anda Ilies 700x350

Psychology - Iris-Anda Ilies

Course: BSc (Hons) Psychology
Graduated: 2017

Iris-Anda chose to study at Birmingham City University due to its very competent professors, modern facilities, wide opportunities and multicultural energy. Her time at the university as an undergraduate gave her the chance to meet wonderful people, to learn, grow and challenge herself.

"I got to discover who I am as a person and what I am capable of whilst studying a topic I’m really passionate about."

"My undergraduate degree prepared me with skills in critical thinking, time management, self-awareness and attention to detail; all of which are vital to my continued studies."

Alicia Donaldson Profile Picture 700x350

Sociology - Alicia Patrice Donaldson

Course: BSc Sociology
Graduated: 2018

Alicia chose Birmingham City University because of the diversity of staff, students and the curriculum.

"Seeing people that looked like myself teaching in an academic space really drew my attention. It provided me with role models and a new outlook on the curriculum that I wouldn’t have received anywhere else. While studying here, the lecturers were engaging, and really care about your wellbeing. They took the time to get to know who you are and what your interests are, and provided you with opportunities to grow." 

"I really felt included at BCU, and my three years of being there was the best experience of my life so far."