Field Trips

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Trips with the School of Social Sciences

We want to show our students the big picture.

One of our main goals within the School of Social Sciences is to show you social sciences in practice in the real world. We want you to graduate with as much practical experience and knowledge as possible. One way we assure that this happens is by regularly organising trips in Birmingham and beyond.

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UK Trips

During your undergraduate course, you'll be offered the opportunity to go on several trips to help you see the skills and knowledge you're studying in action. 

The School of Social Sciences have a long history of providing trips to a variety of locations in the UK and Ireland. These range from sociology walking tours that allow our students to take in a whole city, to visits to prisons which allow our criminology students to see all sides of the criminal justice system.

Below, you'll see a map of just some of the places our students have visited recently.

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International Trips

Alongside our UK trips, the Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences also provides trips all around the world. These can either be subject based visits to overseas businesses or projects, or faculty-wide trips to partner institutions in Europe and Asia. 

This is just another example of how Birmingham City University is committed to making your experience with us an international one, reflecting the ever-growing influence of globalisation on business, law and social sciences. These trips supplement international focuses modules embedded in all of our degrees.

The map below shows just some of the destinations Business, Law and Social Sciences students have visited recently. 

International Travel Scholarships

They have built an orphanage in Ghana, organised sports events for disadvantaged children in Morocco and taught Business Studies in Thailand. Not only are they making a huge difference to other people, they're also making a difference to their own future.

These projects have been made possible thanks to the travel scholarship offers an incredible opportunity to develop your skills and enhance your employability: from writing and presenting a bid for funding to demonstrating just how resourceful you can be in a new and challenging environment.

Present us with an impressive bid for funding and you could win a scholarship to make a real difference to the world. Check out the map below to see just some of the students who have previously been awarded an International Travel Scholarship.

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