SLT - South Korea (Summer Programme)

BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy

Alicia Rutherford took part in the Summer School programme at Hanyang University in South Korea. This opportunity was facilitated by the Outgoing Summer Schools Overseas programme offered by the International Office.  

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Making the most of your degree

Alicia Rutherford, south korea

“I applied for a summer school program quite last minute and close to the deadline because I decided that I wanted to do something different and worthwhile with my summer break.Before this summer I had never travelled outside of Europe before and when I began researching Seoul and South Korea for my application I became more and more fascinated by the history, language and culture. I decided to apply for Hanyang International Summer School in Seoul in particular because it offered a selection of health courses relevant to my degree that would build on my understanding of healthcare in a more global context."

Balance between learning and exploring South Korea

“The classes and my Professor were interesting and inspiring, opening my eyes to new areas and research possibilities in health and how differently health and illness are approached in different cultures around the world. Outside of what I enjoyed academically was the free time I had to explore the city of Seoul and also take trips to other parts of South Korea, including to the North Korean border, Boryeong and Busan with the new friends I made.”

Differences between and South Korea and the UK

“My first impressions were that the campus was beautiful and massive compared to what I have seen in the UK! There were plenty of places to eat and drink, a library, shops to buy books and supplies, convenience shops and gym/sports facilities. The classrooms were large and spacious lecture rooms with good desk space and multiple display screens to see presentations.”

Life-changing experience

“It is very difficult to pin point a single most valuable part of my time at summer school because it was such a life-changing and significant experience. Personally I have learnt that I am capable of independently travelling to a different continent and successfully navigating around walking, using public transport, shopping and eating out in a different culture where I speak very little of the language. I met so many people from many different places and I have made close friends I am still in touch with and plan to meet up with again in future. I have also learnt a lot of academic theory that will be useful in the next two years of my course and general study skills, like for presentations, group work and managing time between classes, studying, sight-seeing and socialising.”

Useful tips

 “My advice would be to take any opportunity to go abroad, whether it is for study, work or a project. Research the country and culture well before you travel, plan some things you would like to do and see but still expect to be surprised and change your plans as you go. You will probably get ill in some way during your time away, be prepared and take some supplies, you and your new friends will be grateful! Say yes to everything you are invited to; try the new foods and traditions even if you don’t think you will like them -you might be surprised; talk to everyone and don’t be afraid to explore alone but always stay safe.”