Biomedical Engineering Student in the USA

MEng Biomedical Engineering

Anneline Sibanda, a 1st year Biomedical Engineering student, spent 9 weeks in California working at Easterseals Camp Harmon.


Anneline - biomedical engineering studentHELS Go abroad afforded Anneline the opportunity to travel to California in the USA over the summer for a placement of 9 weeks. She worked with various other healthcare professionals for Easterseals - an organisation that looks to help and empower those with physical and developmental disabilities.

As a biomedical engineering student, Anneline was able to see and work on some of the medical devices they use to improve patient care. Anneline was stationed not far from the silicon valley which is the technology capitol of America and she was able to visit the Apple campus and Google headquarters and this exposed her to new technologies that are used in biomedical engineering, not only that, but she realised that there is so much more to the field than meets the eye.

The experience was an eye opener for Anneline and she feels enriched and it has added value to her degree that would not have been possible were it not for HELS Go abroad bursary.

Anneline Bioengineering