Advice from our students

Savannah Sturridge

Sport and Exercise Science

Coming to Birmingham City University as her Insurance choice has worked out well for Savannah, as…

Rebecca Murray

Rebecca Murray


Hi, I’m Rebecca and I’m just about to qualify as a therapeutic radiographer after a three-year BSc…

Lyle Farnell

Lyle Farnell

PE and School Sport

Hi! I’m Lyle and I’ve just completed my first year on BSc (Hons) Physical Education and School…

Tahita Murray

Tahita Murray

Biomedical Sciences

Hi! I’m Tahita and I’ve just finished the first year of BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences. Preparing…

Tom Morrell

Tom Morrell

Paramedic Science

Hi! I'm Tom and I'm just finishing my first year on BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science. Preparing to…

Coralie Rostam

Coralie Rostam

Food and Nutrition

Hi! I’m Coralie and I’m studying BSc (Hons) Food and Nutrition. Preparing to start uni is really…

Steven Burke

Food and Nutrition

Interested in studying Food and Nutrition with us? Hear from Food and Nutrition student, Steven…

Emma Angeletti - Food and nutrition Student

Emma Angeletti

Food and Nutrition

Hear from Food and Nutrition student, Emma Angeletti on why she chose to study Food and Nutrition…

Keiran Randazzo

Speech and Language Therapy

As he wanted to work as a Speech and Language Therapist, Keiran knew he needed to take a degree in…

Conor Swannick

Paramedic Science - BSc

Conor grew up in Portsmouth (and many other places) as his parents were in the Royal Navy.  He…

Robert Crocker

Biomedical Engineering

Interested in studying Biomedical Engineering with us? Hear from Biomedical Engineering…

Emma Lines

Operating Department Practice

Interested in studying Operating Department Practice with us? Hear from ODP student, Emma Lines,…

Bradley Redden

Assistant Theatre Practitioner - Apprenticeship

Bradley Redden is an apprentice on the Assistant Theatre Practitioner (ATP) course, which has…

Justyna Smazyk

FdSc Assistant Practitioner (Surgical Support) Apprenticeship

Justyna had been working as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) with the operating theatre department for…

Gemma Bain

Assistant Theatre Practitioner - Apprenticeship

Gemma is mum, and an experienced Healthcare Assistant (HCA), who is embracing the opportunity of…

Richard Warren

Operating Department Practice

Interested in studying ODP with us? Hear from Operating Department Practice student, Richard…

Liam Davies

Sport Coaching and Physical Education

Hi! I’m Liam and I’m studying BSc (Hons) Sport Coaching and Physical Education. Preparing to start…

Tania Akhtar

Biomedical Engineering

Hi! I’m Tania and I’m studying BSc (Hons) Biomedical Engineering. Preparing to start uni is really…

Dr Renukaprasad Agasanapura

Agasanapura Renukaprasad

Advancing Diabetes Care

Dr Renukaprasad Agasanapura is a Diabetes Consultant, and the Founder and Managing Director of the …