Jamie Deegan

Radiotherapy - BSc (Hons)

Jamie had dreamed about attending university since he was young. After attending an Open Day at BCU, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and leave his home in Ireland. He is now enjoying his degree and fulfilling his dream of helping patients with cancer.

“I always wanted to go to university, it was probably my only goal when I was younger. Coming from Ireland, I wanted to challenge myself and leave my comfort zone so I decided to go abroad and study here at Birmingham City University.

After visiting an Open Day here, I instantly knew the Radiotherapy course was for me. I’ve always wanted to help people with cancer in any way that I could after seeing people I know go through it. Radiotherapy gives me the perfect opportunity to do so by helping with their treatment. Seeing the patient you’re treating progress, and hopefully, become cancer free in the long run, is the most rewarding feeling in the world and makes me feel proud that I’ve chosen this career path.

When I first joined BCU, I was a little apprehensive as it was so far from home, but I was made to feel instantly welcome by my tutors and peers, even people on other courses that we share modules with. Having not had much experience with radiotherapy before university, I was a little worried about starting my course. I think passing all of my first year modules on my first try has been my biggest achievement because I knew so little about what the workload would be like. 

I hope to continue doing well in all my modules, so that I will feel fully competent going into my first year of employment. I feel I am progressing well and that’s down to the great mix of support I’ve received from the University and my own motivation to do well. The library has also seriously helped me consolidate my studies and revision. I recommend any first years to get their head down in there if they’re struggling.

I really enjoy being a student here and I like that everyone has the same opportunities as one another, and that help is always at hand no matter what the situation is. Knowing that has really helped me during my time here, as it can be challenging living so far away from home. When I have a bad day I can’t just go home and forget about it or talk about it face-to-face with my family. However, it helps knowing that I can just go to the Student Support team and ask for help, or simply talk to my friends that I’ve gained at university.

Since becoming a student, I feel like I’ve become more aware of what it takes to become a professional in my field of work and I’ve learnt how to act more professionally in general, which I hope will benefit me when it comes to going out into the world of work.

To me, ‘I AM BCU’ means no matter who you are, what you are or how you identify, you are the future and face of the University. It’s a very inclusive space where help is always at hand.”


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