Speech and Language Therapy and Rehabilitation Studies

You’re interested in helping people with a range of visual impairments to live their lives as independently as they can, but do you know about the range of roles that will be available to you once your course is successfully complete?


Rehabilitation Officer for the Visually Impaired (ROVI)

A ROVI can work with adults and children of all ages (including those with additional disabilities and complex needs) to build confidence (provide emotional support), help them regain lost skills and teach new skills , and maintain and promote independence and choice. A ROVI does this using a person-centred, individual Rehabilitation Programme, teaching alternative and safe methods of carrying out everyday tasks (including those involving risk), empowering, enabling and supporting people to re-establish new goals and assessing for equipment and adaptations. 

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Senior Rehabilitation Worker

Several former students have progressed within their agency to become a senior practitioner. This can involve taking on more complex cases and developing a wide range of projects.

RNIB interview with a senior ROVI


Team manager

Our graduates have become mobility instructor managers within further education college’s that specialise with working with people who have a visual impairment. Other graduates have broadened their expertise to become Re-ablement team managers within Local Authorities and Sensory Service team managers.


Rehabilitation Workers' Professional Network (RWPN)

Several of our graduates who are practicing Rehabilitation Workers (Visual Impairment) are now executive members of the professions professional body. They are involved with supporting the development of the profession. One former student is now the chair person for this organisation..

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