Message from Radiotherapy course leader

Radiotherapy - BSc (Hons)

Hi, my name is Lisa Pharaoh-Stokes and I am the Radiotherapy course leader here at Birmingham City University (BCU).

Myself and the rest of the teaching team at the department of radiography here at BCU are looking forward to welcoming our new students who will be joining us in September, and hope that you are one of them!

In order to prepare for your studies with us you might like to start thinking about the course content. There is no need to undertake lots of reading before starting your course but some students enjoy learning a little more about radiotherapy before they get here.

We will help you decide on how your money can be best spent on study resources before you arrive but remember we have a wonderful library with a full range of resources to support your studies so there is no particular need to purchase books before starting in September.

When you arrive staff and students will be meeting with you and will support you as you make the move into higher education - we will show you how we can support you with resources such as our VERT and simulation facilities. We will also explain how you are supported throughout the duration of the course across the three years of study.

As you join the radiotherapy community here at BCU we hope you have a fantastic time and engage with like-minded people keen to work in the modern health service. You will be provided with opportunities to socialise with people on your course, in the department of radiography and from across the wider university.

Don’t forget you will be studying at one of the most vibrant student-friendly cities in the UK! Whether its sport, music, art or dining out - Birmingham has it all! We will be working with our colleagues at the BCU students union during welcome week to provide you with useful information about social events, getting about the City and opportunities such as volunteering.

If you have any questions or queries before you join us later in the year you are most welcome to email myself, Lisa Pharaoh-Stokes . Hope to see you around soon!