Discrete Skills Simulations

In addition to our fuller context online simulations OSIME RDG are developing a wide range of Discrete Skills simulations that represent specific practice skills performed within a range of professions.  This work stream links to two initiatives within the Faculty: VCC sim developments and S.P.A.C.E. All discrete skills are being developed to both integrate within our fuller context online simulations and to be used independent of VCC to support learning within modules and during skills rehearsal within S.P.A.C.E.  See below for more information on existing discrete skill sims:

Oxygen Therapy

OSIME Skills Oxygen

Blood Types and Cross Matching

OSIME Blood Type

Units of Measurement
OSIME UnitsPulse Assessment

OSIME Pressure

Arterial Blood Pressure Measurement



OSIME Urinalysis

Early Warning Scoring


Syringe Driver

OSIME Syringe Driver LO