Our graduates

Joel Page index

Joel Page 

Joel tells us about his role in the Game Team at Codemasters and how his university experience helped get him there. 

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Joshua Dean

Joshua explains how his course choice enabled him to secure his career in the digital marketing industry.

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Lauren Currie

As an Account Executive at Superhero, Lauren is responsible for assisting with campaigns and productions and managing social channels.

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Baby Ruth

Baby Ruth talks about her projects after graduation and how she was chosen to be part of the Oscars Awards team.

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Arthur Fostier index- NTI graduates page

Arthur Fostier

Arthur explains how the skills he learnt at university prepared him for his role as a Gameplay Designer at Pixel Toys.

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Shannon Stokes- index- GFA graduates page

Shannon Stokes

Shannon tells us about the benefits of working as a Freelance Digital Marketer and how a good portfolio can kick start your career.

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David Kenning index- GFA graduates page

David Kenning

David tells us more about his career journey and how his course gave him the skills to excel in his Digital Marketing Executive role.

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Joshua Bromley index

Joshua Bromley

Joshua gives an insight into work as a Programmer at Pixel Toys, as well as some tips for entering the video games industry.

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Scott Woodhams graduate profile index

Scott Woodhams

Scott works as a Technical Artist at Mediatonic Games, one of the largest independent studios in the UK.

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