A first year experience of an education student

Childhood, Youth and Community student - Mia Hocknull

We spoke to Mia during her first year to find out what it had been like:

Mia Hocknull

"The few weeks ahead can be scary, waiting for results while preparing for university. But don’t worry, you’re in great hands.

Make sure you’ve completed everything like student finance, working out your transport to and from uni, and getting to know your surroundings. Having everything organised gives you more time to relax and enjoy your summer before work begins!

You’re going to love it here. Hope to see you on campus soon!"

A Day in the Life - Education - 7am

I leave the house, flask of tea at my side. I use both the bus and tram to commute so the travel allows me to enjoy my tea while I am still bleary-eyed and gives me a chance to wake up!

A Day in the Life - Education - 9am

I arrive at Uni, meet up with my friends at Costa and make our way to the first lecture of the day!

A Day in the Life - Education - 11am

The first lecture finishes so we take a walk down the road to the Botanical Gardens (if it were raining we’d go to the library – honest!)

A Day in the Life - Education - 2pm

Lectures are finished for the day! I go to the library and check out books, which I take home to do more study.

A Day in the Life - Education - 5pm

At home I sort out the course tasks that I need to have done for the next day before making lunch for tomorrow (taking your own is a great way to save money and try to eat healthily!)

A Day in the Life - Education - 7pm

I like to meet up with friends in the evening. Tonight we’re going to get something to eat and then either go to a movie or karaoke (I bet we end up at karaoke!)