Children and Integrated Professional Care Student in Romania (Worldwide Volunteering)

BA (Hons) Children and Integrated Professional Care (now known as BA (Hons) Working with Children, Young People and Families) 

Jessica Benton volunteered at an orphanage in Romania. 


Jessica Benton South KoreaI found out about this volunteering activity through my Course Leader and was encouraged to apply. As a person querying a disability, I am immensely passionate about doing my bit to help people with disabilities everywhere have better and happier lives. I also saw is as my first step to achieving my dream of one day becoming a humanitarian worker.”

Challenging, but rewarding

“Knowing that we could bring a unique sense of value and happiness to the children and adults we played with, made the emotionally challenging times worth it.  Every single adult and child we met had something wonderful and special about them and I truly felt blessed to have seen these. 

Differences in professional practice

“It seems that unfortunately, the professionals involved in caring for children and adults do not always have the same support for their own health and working conditions.  Just like in England, they work very hard for their home’s residents, under very challenging circumstances. For example, more staff and greater funding is likely needed in the adult’s institution especially. We may be different in knowledge and views but I believe at the core we all want the same thing, for the residents to live well and be happy.”

Belief in own capabilities

“I achieved many personal things, including my first time abroad without any family. I have so much more belief in what I can do to improve people’s lives and the call to humanitarian aid feels even stronger. I have little doubt that I would not be happy if I ever had to work outside health, social care or welfare.”

Be open minded

 “Go for it! I certainly understand people like me who are extremely daunted by travelling alone but it is about the determination to bring good, to have an open mind and heart and doing your best to be kind and generous. Bringing kindness and love will make all the difference to people like I’ve met, who need this above all else.”