Andrei Tui

Marketing, Advertising and PR - BA (Hons)

Andrei visited an orphanage near the Chitwan National Park in Nepal.


"Going volunteering in Nepal was definitely one of the most intense experiences I have ever lived, and surely one of the decisions I will never regret taking.”

“The project I worked in involved volunteering in an orphanage/children's home in a small village. As volunteers we had to help around the household and look after the children while they were not at school, and also go to the local library, where most children in the village went every morning before school, to do their homework.” 

“Going alone made everything even more exciting, as I had the change of completely fall into new thing, and fully experience everything while completely stepping out of a comfort zone - it was amazing!"

Seeing and studying the country

"In Kathmandu, volunteers were picked up by Asim, who was the local coordinator, and went to his house, which was like a hotel for volunteers. There, I met another 4 volunteers from the UK and USA, and we went together for a Nepali language lesson which I found out was organised for us every day while staying in Kathmandu.”

“We had two days of sightseeing, with transport being provided by Asim. A very nice thing was that nothing was very strict, so we had the opportunity to shape our schedule however we wanted, in order to gain as much as we could from the experience.”


“The orphanage stay was really intense. I think that falling into the world of these children is such an amazing experience, as it makes you realise how fortunate you are from a lot of points of view, and as you understand this, you get to see how important it is for them that you are there with them. It's such a fulfilling vibe - I would recommend it to each and every person that has the possibility of doing such a project.”

“I would like to thank Birmigham City University Business School again for giving me the chance to get here. Travelling to a 3rd world country and being involved with a project like this is one of those experiences everyone should do at least once in a lifetime, as it awakens you from so many points of view!”

“Most importantly, you have the chance of putting a smile or two on the faces of the ones that weren't born with just the same chances as you, and, if you are lucky enough, you can leave there with a few new friends for life.” 

“One general piece of advice when going there? Be open to everything, say yes to every new thing you get the chance of experiencing, and you will live the most exciting version of the "movie" of your life!”

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