Finance - My Three Reasons Why

EVE 3 Reasons Why Dillon Daudia 300x200 Why should you consider applying to study at Birmingham City Business School?

You've probably already heard about our practice based learning, our unique relationship with the city we're in, and our newly upgraded facilities, but what do our students think are the selling points for their courses?

So we asked Dillon, a second year Finance and Investment student, to give us three reasons why he chose to join Birmingham City Business School.

The right skills

I’d like to begin by saying that the Finance course is one that will enable you to become a skilled investor. You will learn about the importance of investing, and know when the right time is and what you need to invest in to make good profits.

Integrated learning

What makes BCU different to the rest is the emphasis that is put upon something called “Small Group Work”. This means you have most of your teaching in seminar rooms, allowing you to have more contact time with lecturers; you can feel confident in asking them there and then about any queries you may have during that class. For example, I had my Quantitative Method for Finance classes in computer labs which allowed me to implement what I was being taught immediately with the right software, with help from my lecturer where needed. I prefer to work in this way as I find that having classes in small groups allows me to focus more on what is being taught, in turn increasing my chances of being successful at Birmingham City University.

The right accreditations

In addition, my course is aligned with the curriculum of the CFA Institute. This means that you are being taught the skills you need to obtain your Level 1 CFA Certificate, which will make you stand out from other graduates. Furthermore, this programme grants you exemptions from accounting boards such as ACCA and ICAEW, which will save you a lot of time and money should you choose to study accounting exams. You are also given the opportunity to study towards obtaining a CISI qualification. You can do this as soon as you graduate and, like with the CFA qualification, you will stand out to employers as being knowledgeable about the financial services industry, having a better chance of securing that dream job!

Good luck with your application and hope to see you see next year!