Event, Venue and Experience Management - My Three Reasons Why

EVE 3 Reasons Why Laura Williamson 300x200 Why should you consider applying to study at Birmingham City Business School?

You've probably already heard about our practice based learning, our unique relationship with the city we're in, and our newly upgraded facilities, but what do our students think are the selling points for their courses?

So we asked Laura, a first year Event, Venue and Experience student, to give us three reasons why she chose to join Birmingham City Business School.

More than just textbook learning

I would definitely recommend studying this course because it isn’t all about reading your textbooks – there’s a very hands-on approach where we’re often encouraged to go on trips, take part in different events around the university, and look at developing our skills outside of the classroom. In our first two weeks, we went on two separate trips: one to the Glee Club in Birmingham, and one to the Genting Arena where we met the Operations Director and were given a behind-the-scenes tour! This was an amazing experience as it reinforced what we were learning already.

Endless support

One of the things that I found most attractive about the Events, Venue and Experience Management course was the opportunity to take a year placement in the Events Industry. The university supports you by giving you interview advice, teaching you about professional environments and helping you to get in contact with the kind of place that you would like to work. It looks so much better when you graduate to have been a student who went above and beyond to get experience in their chosen field. The lecturers are really supportive, and help you figure out which field you’d like to specialise in. Maybe you want to be a wedding planner? Maybe you want to get involved with sporting events like the Olympic Games? This course is tailored to what you want to do.

Tailor your course

What’s good about the course is that it isn’t solely talking about Events; during our first term, we took a Marketing module. I was initially worried that it would be all numbers and sales figures, but soon found that it’s really interesting when you incorporate your own interests into the teachings. By learning how your favourite brands promote themselves and understand their target audiences, you’ll discover the methods and insights in order to host and sell the best events you can.

Good luck with your application and hope to see you see next year!