Economics - My Three Reasons Why

3 Reasons Why Economics Sama Elfarra 300x200 Why should you consider applying to study at Birmingham City Business School?

You've probably already heard about our practice based learning, our unique relationship with the city we're in, and our newly upgraded facilities, but what do our students think are the selling points for their courses?

So we asked Sama, a second year Economics student, to give us three reasons why she chose to join Birmingham City Business School.

Engaging lectures and seminars

The Economics department are very supportive towards your studies. The lectures are very informative and engaging. The lecturers provide you with all the relevant resources needed, whilst ensuring they present the lecture topics every week with all the right information. Adding to this, seminars are very interactive. This is because different techniques are used that encourage students to contribute as a class. For example, during seminars we have debates and group presentations. This really helps to promote confidence and learning through a more active approach.

Countless opportunities

There are many roles you can participate in which will give you beneficial skills. Roles include being a Mentor, a Student Ambassador, or a Course Representative. As an Economics student, I have taken on the role of a Student Ambassador for my course. By doing so, I have gained many useful, transferrable skills; being able to follow instructions effectively whilst acting professionally, experience working as part of a team, and engaging with members of the public, all while promoting and representing the course and the institution. These are all important skills which will later contribute to my graduate life.

Assessment variety

The modules are all assessed in different ways. For example, some modules such as Microeconomics and Macroeconomics will be assessed in the form of an exam whereas other modules such as Applied Economics will be assessed as coursework and group work. The balance between exam based and course work modules is something that I really like regarding my course.

The University Library is a brilliant resource with books available regardless of subject area or interest. There are a wealth of Economics books to support you in your studies, whether it is for a specific module or to expand your knowledge through further reading. 

Good luck with your application and hope to see you see next year!