Business Management - My Three Reasons Why

Aysha Bateman 300x200 Aysha Bateman

I chose to study BA (Hons) Business Management at Birmingham City University. Here’s why…


Almost every university I looked at offered an accredited Business Management undergraduate course, including BCU.

When I looked deeper into BCU’s course content, I found that there was a wide range of modules that appealed to me. The course covers multiple management disciplines such as Human Resources, Consulting and Finance. It also includes modules each year that focus on your professional development and the type of manager you could be. This is highly beneficial when trying to understand what leadership and management is, as well as making it easier to translate what you have learnt in lectures to real life. The variety of modules and this personal aspect of my chosen course was what initially drew me to BCU.


During the Open Days and Applicant Taster Days, the lecturers and careers staff stressed all the different opportunities available to those who study at BCU, from guest lectures to paid jobs on campus. The alumni success stories were also very encouraging, making me feel I could achieve my goals and get somewhere where I could be proud of myself. BCU also offers a range of different non-academic opportunities to broaden your horizons and make the university journey more worthwhile. One of their schemes is called Graduate+. You are awarded a Bronze to Platinum award for completing a range of extra-curricular activities. Not only does this help you explore different opportunities you may have never seen, but it can also be fun.

Pass rates

One of the most important features a university had to have for me was a high pass rate. I felt it proved that a university had good teaching staff and resources. Since studying at BCU I have found that to be absolutely true. There are services such as the ‘Centre for Academic Success’ where you can access support with academic writing, and the library staff are incredibly helpful when you are trying to navigate the plethora of books and online resources the library holds. Also, the lecturers can be extremely supportive if you ask for help, which I feel contributes massively to the likelihood of earning your degree.

These three reasons empowered me to make the right choice and study at the university that most suited my needs. I cannot see myself studying anywhere but Birmingham City University.