Business - My Three Reasons Why

3 Reasons Why Paulina Szklarek 300x200 Why should you consider applying to study at Birmingham City Business School?

You've probably already heard about our practice based learning, our unique relationship with the city we're in, and our newly upgraded facilities, but what do our students think are the selling points for their courses?

From the excellent resources on offer to the fantastic teaching techniques and relevant course content, here are just a few reasons why Paulina decided to study with us.

Great resources

The university is very modern with lots of study space to fit every type of student. No matter if you are a night owl or an early starter, the person who likes to read with their feet up or sitting straight at the desk. You can use desks, co-working space, or chill on couches and bean bags. The library is open 24/7 for most of the year so you can study when it suits you and how it suits you. Free laptop rentals are also a great addition, especially for the students that may struggle to buy or carry their own equipment to uni. When my laptop broke during an assignment submission period, I knew I did not need to panic!

Brilliant teaching techniques

Many of the university’s lecturers have very interesting professional backgrounds; many worked in a field they teach, had their own businesses, hated some of their jobs and loved others. When they speak about their field of research, they truly know what they’re talking about. They will always mention the things they learned that you need the most in the working environment - sometimes they may even refer you to their old colleagues to help you get a job.

Relevant course content

I have enjoyed the fact that my modules varied from Logistics through to Marketing; I felt like I really got a sense of what managing a business will feel like in the future. This has also helped me in choosing my future career. For example, thanks to the fact that during my Marketing module I needed to prepare a marketing campaign, I learned that maybe marketing is not the field I see myself in. On the other hand, during our logistics class, when we needed to propose an improvement to an existing supply process, I knew I am finally doing something I am not only interested in but also good at.

Good luck with your application and hope to see you see next year!