Lili Huang

MSc Management and Marketing

I chose Birmingham City University for two reasons: the high teaching standards and the excellent location in the heart of the second largest city in the UK.

I enjoyed my studies very much. During the five-week pre-sessional English course, I got along well with my classmates, who came from all over the world. The most exciting things were the travelling arrangements made for us – it was a good way to make friends and get familiar with the country and its culture.

During my academic study, I found that the tutors were helpful. There were plentiful resources for me to access, such as international advice and career advice. There were also courses run for international students to help them with their academic study. With the help of the Students’ Union, I did meaningful voluntary work, which made my university life more colourful.

I would like to do voluntary work after graduation; although it would be unpaid, I could learn a lot from the organisation. What is more, as a non-English speaker I can make progress in my oral and speaking English in the working environment. After one year of work experience, I will apply for postgraduate study. It is a good way to enhance my study experience by allowing me to relate theory to practice.