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Across the globe, businesses, institutions and countries in general are looking to become more sustainable. From effective flood risk management to incorporating more environmentally friendly materials, we are becoming considerably more aware of our role in maintaining best practices. But how can implementing such methods improve your business? How can it make a difference to your communities? Here are some of the exciting projects our academics are working on. 

Thought leadership piece on sustainability, flood risk management and more

Creating resilience for Birmingham and the wider world

From ensuring better flood resilience in susceptible parts of the world, to converting waste products in valuable fuels, Birmingham City University’s academics are working on innovative, exciting projects that will have global benefits. 

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Case studies

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Solving global environmental challenges with international collaborations

Birmingham City University academics are working on a range of exciting, innovative collaborative projects, helping to improve sustainability and more in different corners of the world. 

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Providing digital solutions to water companies

The water industry of the future will need to be smart and resource-efficient, and BCU researchers like Wenyan Wu are helping to usher the water industry to the next generation.

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