Water, Environment and Communities

  • Water, Environment and Communities
  • Flooding
  • Water, Environment and Communities

The Water, Environment and Communities Research Group undertakes applied research on a range of contemporary themes relating to water and the environment reflecting the diversity and interdisciplinary nature of issues concerning the development of resilient communities. This is delivered through a portfolio of applied interdisciplinary research, knowledge exchange, education, community engagement and advice for decision makers and policy makers at all levels. The Group's work embraces and integrates local, national and international perspectives on water, focusing on environmental challenges towards sustaining resilient communities.

Water Science and Technology

This sub-group focuses on the application of advanced technical and analytical tools to address a range of complex challenges facing the water industry and concerned with improving the quality, supply and management of water with a focus on the areas of activity listed below.

Areas of Activity

  • Hydraulics and fluid dynamics
  • Modelling and control
  • Structures and materials
  • Water distribution and engineering

Water Resource Management

Globally, the occurrence of floods is the most frequent among of all natural disasters. In 2010 alone, 178 million people were affected by floods. The total losses in exceptional years such as 1998 and 2010 exceeded $40 billion. The Environment Agency estimates a total of 5.2 million properties in England and Wales, or one in six homes, are at risk of flooding. This sub-group focusses on the development of contemporary approaches towards improving resilience to flooding with a focus on property level responses and adaptations.

Areas of Activity

  • Flood risk management
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems
  • Water quality
  • Resilience and adaptation

Water Policy and Governance

This sub-group focuses on the development and implementation of appropriate water policy at national and regional levels. This includes the associated governance arrangements to support effective planning and implementation of blue / green infrastructure to support the development of healthy environments.

Areas of Activity

  • Planning and planning policy
  • Environmental history
  • Community engagement and resilience
  • Water for leisure

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Key Publications
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Research Students
  • Taiwo Adedeji – The Development of a Measurement Framework for Property Level Flood Resilience
  • Oluwayemi Oladunjoye – ‘A Cost - Benefit Appraisal of Retrofit of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Towards Improved Flood Risk Mitigation’
  • Varsha Radhakrishnan - Zero Power Energy Management in IoT enabled Smart Water Systems

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