Roger Wall

Before joining the University in 2001, Roger worked for a water resource management consultancy specializing in IT solutions and GIS applications, and as a software engineer for a German consultancy firm.

He has been involved in a number of European projects, including the IEE IEC-SME project related to energy efficiency and management in small companies, and has taken part in Erasmus exchanges with EIGSI in La Rochelle and in Saint Petersburg. He has also previously worked on business engagement programmes designed to help UK SMEs develop and market environmental technologies (EnviroInnovate & EBOP).

Roger is responsible for the development of UG and PG environmental teaching programmes at BCU. He teaches across a number of programmes in the areas of environmental science, green design, energy and sustainable construction, and is also engaged in UG and PG research project supervision. He has extensively and has recently undertaken recruitment and partnership building visits to India, Mexico Colombia.

Roger’s current interests revolve around the complexities of sustainable systems and the need to balance many different and often conflicting factors. He is also interested in humanitarian engineering solutions and the use of appropriate technologies in building design and sustainability. He is involved with the Engineers Without Borders programme at BCU and is currently working with like-minded staff to develop a new MSc course reflecting these interests.

Current Activity
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