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The construction sector isn’t always the first industry that springs to mind when you think about new and innovative technology, but research from BCU around digital solutions to construction problems promises to offer new innovations in the industry.

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The future of digital construction

Professor David Boyd outlines some of the key developments in digital construction being investigated by academics at Birmingham City University.
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Case studies

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Building stronger flood resilience

Our academics have joined forces with a host of other leading institutions to form an international collaborative project, in order to support vulnerable communities in the flood-stricken areas.
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Project SATURN

Project SATURN focuses on climate change, regional design and landscape management, creating a more sustainable, effective way of connecting cities and the landscape within it.
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Creating a built environment paradigm for healthcare facilities

Our academics are designing better ways in which these buildings are designed, from better circulation to more natural light.
Better ways to design buildings

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Replanning of bomb-damaged towns

As Birmingham and other cities continue to grow and develop, Professor Peter Larkham examines how these areas were planned out in the aftermath of World War II.
Replanning towns

Fire and seismic force case study

Steel structures under fire and seismic force

As we build taller buildings in the interest of space, Andy Lim investigates how we can make our cityscapes more resistant to environmental pressures.
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Offsite construction

A knowledge-based engineering platform for DFMA houses

The UK has a national housing shortfall and offsite construction can help build houses quicker and more efficiently. To move to offsite construction, businesses need a tool that can measure risk and cost.
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