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5G is no longer a myth. Super-fast connectivity to millions of devices, ultra-reliability, extremely low latency – 5G will revolutionise the way we interact and use technology, with benefits to sectors ranging from healthcare to construction, engineering and beyond. With 5G set to be firmly established in the next two years, our leading academics have been conducting a host of exciting, innovative research projects to ensure businesses, organisations and more can benefit from 5G’s limitless potential.

Intelligent Systems and Networks Research Group

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5G: A testbed for the future

Professor Mohammad Patwary explains how 5G will impact the future and open up new avenues for businesses large and small, as well as addressing the benefits and challenges of 5G integration for the region.
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How 5G will change Birmingham in real time

5G will play a major role in critical applications that require high-speed connectivity, including the integration of Smart Cities in the future.
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Digitising businesses for 5G

Professor Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil explains that if businesses lack digital skills now, they'll be less prepared for the benefits of 5G. He shares his experience of working with businesses to make the most of big data and other emerging technologies.
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Low latency – 5G’s secret weapon

Jerry Foss comments on one of 5G's most important features - low latency, and how faster networks will improve life for the user, as well as new opportunities for future media.
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Shaping the future of 5G

The research team at Birmingham City University’s Intelligent Systems and Networks Group are conducting ground-breaking research that ensures we on 5G’s limitless opportunities.
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Adel Aneiba

Associate Professor in Internet of Things (IoT)

School of Computing
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Research interests: Internet of Things (IoT), big data, smart cities
Image of Jerry Foss for 5G content

Jerry Foss

Subject Leader

School of Computing
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Research interests: Interactive media, web technology, AR / VR, low latency
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Mohammad Patwary

Intelligent Systems and Networks Research Lead

School of Computing
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Research interests: Telecommunication networks, intelligent system design, innovative business modelling for D-Economy
Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil

Abdel-Rahman H. Tawil

Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering

School of Computing

Research interests: Big data, machine learning, ontologies, software engineering.