Big data

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Big data is being increasingly used in nearly every sector. It can tell you more about your customers, your business environment and can even be used to automate intelligent processes. Our researchers and academic staff have a wide range of expertise in big data analytics, machine learning, IoT devices and more. Their research projects are using big data and machine learning to solve real-world problems in a range of industries and for public authorities.

Data Analytics and AI Research group

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Machine learning for a smarter business

Professor Mohamed Gaber explains how big data can help support your business and how machine learning can open up new opportunities.
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Case studies

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Predicting weather-related shopping habits

Weather affects consumer behaviours and Co-op are working with Birmingham City University to find ways to predict those behaviours, reduce waste and increase efficiency.
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PBL care

Working with PBL Care to improve patient care through big data

Providing care services requires strict quality assurance measures and Birmingham City University are working with PBL Care to create a data-driven solution.
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