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Smart Cities are on the rise. More and more, sensors and networks are connecting our cities to improve efficiency and make a huge difference to a range of sectors. But how will smart cities improve your business and how can you fully utilise smart city technology? Here are some of the projects our academics are working on. 

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Big Data and Smart Cities for businesses, Birmingham and beyond

Cities around the world are taking advantage of big data and are using it to transform into smart cities, Professeor Adel Aneiba explains how BCU is supporting that change in Birmingham and what it means for the city.

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Case studies

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CityGate collects valuable data - from footfall to air quality and everything in between - in real time from sensors planted across the city, with a backend system that enables businesses, organisations and other institutions the opportunity to gather valuable information quickly and affordably. 

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Birmingham In Real Time

Birmingham in Real Time (BiRT) has a simple, clear but highly beneficial mission – to make available, and improve access to, open data for the businesses, organisations and citizens of Birmingham. It collects and analyses highly useful data from a range of sources.

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