Top compliance tips for a smooth transition to studies in the UK

Immigration rules can be complex and confusing, and they change regularly. To prepare our international students for their UK journey, here are some top tips to help them make their arrival in the UK as smooth as possible. These tips ensure international students keep to the conditions of their Student Route visa.

 1. Email contact

Before coming to the UK, the primary method of contact with prospective students will be via their personal email. Therefore, students must have their own personal email and check their emails regularly, as this is how they will receive critical information about all aspects of their course.

2. BRP Collection Point

Birmingham City University is a registered ACL, meaning international students can opt for their Biometrics Residence Permits (BRPs) to be delivered directly to the University rather than a Post Office. By selecting BCU as the collection point, we can resolve issues with incorrect or undelivered BRPs more quickly than if they have been delivered to the Post Office.  Our ACL Code is 2HE522 

3. BRPs for dependents

 As well as receiving BRPs for our students, we will also take delivery of BRPs for their dependents. To collect these, the student must present their dependent's passport.

4Contact details

Students must provide their full UK contact address and mobile number as part of the online enrolment process. The University can be asked to provide these details to the Home Office at any time. These address details should NOT be any of BCU's campus addresses.

One of the many exciting things about studying at Birmingham City University is taking advantage of all our excellent facilities and being part of our university community. Therefore, when looking for accommodation, prospective students should live within the Birmingham area to quickly and affordably travel to campus.

5. Visa Refusals and Administrative Reviews

 If any of your students receive a visa refusal, please let the University know as soon as possible. We have a legal requirement to report visa refusals to the Home Office, but we may also be able to get the refusal overturned. Equally, we need to know if a student has submitted an Administrative Review as we can support them in following this up directly with the Home Office.

6. Enrolment

Students can complete some of the enrolment processes online before travelling to the UK. When students arrive in the UK, their top priority concerning their Student Route Visa is to attend their on-campus enrolment appointment and present their BRP and passport. To complete enrolment, students must also pay a minimum of 50% of their course fee.

Students will only receive their Student ID card after completing all enrolment steps.

Students who fail to attend their enrolment appointment risk being withdrawn from the course. Also, students must first present their BRP to the University at enrolment BEFORE sending it to any other organisations.

7. Attendance & Engagement

Birmingham City University expects all students to be on campus to study their classes. If students are delayed in arriving, they must email the University's Student Engagement team about their UK arrival date.

Students who cannot arrive in the UK by their CAS's latest course acceptance date must only travel to the UK if the University has approved their late arrival. Late arrival requests should be sent to the Student Engagement team

Students must use their Student ID card to log their attendance in all teaching sessions. If students have yet to be able to complete all steps of enrolment immediately and have therefore yet to receive their Student ID card, they must still attend all their timetabled classes and ask the tutor to mark them as present in the session.