Mapping Resources

The mapping will be achieved through a kick-off symposium that will be bring together researchers, practitioners and interested stake-holders to ‘map’ the field of gender and leadership in Vietnam. This mapping work will refer to the policy context, research literature and ‘grey literature’ and will be summarized in a literature review that will be submitted for publication. The mapping process and the assets and resources that relate to it will be archived on here on the EnPOWER website on this page.

Kick-Off Symposium

The kick-off symposium took place on 28th June 2022 and included contributions from key researchers as well as inputs from women leaders, policy-makers and senior leaders with responsibility for people development in HE settings. This event brought together key stake-holders into dialogue to identify key issues and concerns and agenda for change. The kick-off symposium also helped to frame the production of the literature review.

There are various resources associated to this event which can be access through this webpage which includes:

The symposium included a Welcome and Introduction from:

There was a Panel Presentation around the ‘life as a woman leader’ and the powerpoints can be accessed below:

The symposium also included EnPOWER Project Next Steps presentations which can be accessed from this webpage:

      • Dr Amanda French - EnPOWER Next Steps 1: Join the Community of Practice: Life as a woman leader.
      • Dr Kate Carruthers Thomas - EnPOWER Next Steps 2: Join the Visual ethnographyResearching lived experience as a woman leader in HE

Literature review

This literature review is being undertaken between April and July 2022 and is exploring the policy context at national, regional and institutional levels as well as research literature and grey literature. In the summer 2022 a recommendations for change document will be created.

Dr Julia Everitt presented an update on the literature review and this symposium and this can be accessed here.