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Our ITE curriculum

Our ITE curriculum is compliant with the ITT Core Curriculum Framework (DfE, 2019)

Assessing BCU Associate Teachers: important considerations

The key factor in judging the quality of teaching over time is the impact teaching has on the quality of learning of pupils and the progress they make.

BCU Secondary Associate Teachers’ teaching should be formatively assessed in relation to our ITE Curriculum Themes.

BCU ITE Themes

Information on each subject's ITE Curriculum can be found in the Placement Documents tab on this webpage.

The Teachers’ Standards provide an end-point assessment for qualified teacher status (QTS). All aspects of the Teachers' Standards are embedded in our ITE Curriculum, but are not overtly assessed until the end of the PGCE year when the trainees are considered for QTS.

When making this judgement a full range of evidence should be utilised, including:

  • Curriculum documents, planning and assessment records, pupils’ work
  • Professional discussions with the trainee teacher, mentor and pupils.
Guidance on how to provide formative assessments are provided within your Mentor Handbook and the trainees' Progress Journals.

Associate Teachers who are assessed as achieving all Teachers’ Standards in at least the Working At Column of the BCU ITE Tracker, and are judged to be meeting Part 2 of the Teachers' Standards consistently, will be considered to be on track to be recommended for the award of QTS.

You can review the underpinning structure and principles of our BCU ITE Curriculum in the document below, which identifies all our ITE Curriculum Themes and Priorities and how this is delivered as part of a robust and ambitious spiral curriculum.

BCU Themes linked to CCF

ITT Core Content Framework - DfE 2019