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ITE curriculum 

Our ITE curriculum is compliant with the ITT Core Curriculum Framework (DfE, 2019)

ITT Core Content Framework - DfE 2019

Assessing BCU Associate Teachers

The key factor in judging the quality of teaching over time, is the impact teaching has on the quality of learning of pupils and the progress they make.

BCU Secondary Associate Teachers’ teaching should be formatively assessed in relation to our ITE Curriculum Themes.

BCU ITE Curriculum Themes are:

  1. Associate Teachers use critical enquiry and research-informed practice to develop their understanding of effective teaching and learning.
  2. Associate Teacher’s classroom practice establishes effective behaviour management through the use of high expectations and awareness of pupil wellbeing.
  3. Associate Teachers know more, remember more and apply subject knowledge and subject-specific pedagogy to impact on pupils’ progress.
  4. Associate Teachers use knowledge about how pupils learn to plan and assess learning to ensure that all pupils make progress.
  5. Associate Teachers implement effective adaptive teaching approaches to support all learners, including SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and EAL (English as Additional Language) learners.
  6. Associate Teachers demonstrate professional behaviours and contribute effectively to the wider life of the school.

The Teachers’ Standards provide an end-point assessment for qualified teacher status (QTS). All aspects of the Teachers' Standards are embedded in our ITE Curriculum but are not overtly assessed until the end of the PGCE year when the Associate teachers are considered for QTS.

BCU Themes linked to CCF