Social Work – Netherlands

BSc (Hons) Social Work

Jessica Tout spent a week at Han University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. 

International perspective

 “Jess Tout Social Work - Go AbroadI choose this trip because I wanted to gain an insight into social work at an international perspective. This trip offered me the chance to attend workshops and lectures from professionals, from a range of different countries, which would give me an understanding of different aspects of social work. I also wanted to improve my presenting skills; this trip would give me the opportunity to do this as I had to present three times whilst there.

Mental health workshops 

I enjoyed attending all the workshops available, in particular the art workshop which focused on anorexia and the workshop about mental health in the American prison system. There was nothing about this trip that I did not enjoy.

Difference in curriculum 

Whilst I was out in the Netherlands, I noticed a difference in the way the social work curriculum is ran, at BCU we have a huge emphasis on Anti-Discriminatory practice within social work. However, the course in the Netherlands doesn’t really include this in the course. This shocked me, as it is something our social work practice is backed by.

Developing  skills 

“Whilst away on the trip I gained an insight into social work on an international perspective. This was really interesting, and it enabled me to broaden my thinking. I also gained an insight into different professional roles such as Art Therapy, and how I can incorporate this into my role as a social worker.

Whilst on the trip I developed skills within presenting and when attending art therapy workshops. I gained confidence in my presenting skills and have gained new skills which I could use when working as a social worker.

Advice to other students

“When booking your accommodation, make sure you stay close to the university campus to save time and money travelling from far away. If you are travelling as part of a group, try to book everything together, so you can stay together on the journey and in the accommodation.”

Social Work Netherlands - go Abroad