Six benefits of attending a HELS Virtual Applicant Taster Day

What is an Applicant Taster Day?

A Birmingham City University (BCU) Applicant Taster Day (ATD) gives you a chance, once you’ve received an offer from us, to experience what it is like to study at BCU by attending sample lectures, course presentations and Q&A sessions. Plus, it allows you to see our facilities and find out about the support we have to offer you. Our aim is to make you feel like part of the BCU family, and give you the opportunity to ask in-depth questions about modules, facilities, placements and student life in Birmingham.

Why are Applicant Taster Days important?

ATDs are a great way to change your worries about university into excitement. The purpose is to give you a more focused experience, which is tailored to the course and department you have applied for. You will have the chance to meet your course tutors, as well as current students, and sample what it would be like to study your chosen course at BCU.

For our January-start Nursing courses, we are offering two formats for the event this autumn, to make them as accessible as possible. So you can either attend our on campus event in October, or a virtual event in November. Below we have listed our top six reasons why attending an ATD will be beneficial to you, whether you choose to join us online or on campus.


You will still get an in-depth experience of what it's like to study at BCU

Whether you decide to attend a virtual or in person ATD, you will be able to gain a holistic experience of what it is like to study at BCU. If you are not able to come physically to our BCU City South Campus, you can still get all the information about your chosen course, and learn about where your course can take you and student life at BCU. You can also take a virtual tour of our campus and facilities, meet your future tutors, speak to current students and find out about additional support BCU can offer, including finance, mental health and wellbeing.

If you attend the in person event, you will be able to experience all of the above opportunities physically and have a chance to explore our campus.


Take part in interactive sessions

With both our online and in person ATDs we want you to gain the most out of the sessions. Therefore, alongside making them as informative as possible, they will also be interactive and engaging, with opportunities to take part in activities related to your Nursing course.


Meet your lecturers and current students

Who better to hear from about what student life is really like at BCU, than our current Nursing students? You will also be able to find out more about the course from your lecturers and learn about the ways you will be taught at BCU. So, remember to bring some paper and a pen to write down your questions and take notes of all the useful information you will receive.


Easy to access

If you are planning on joining us online, our ATD links are easy to follow, plus you may have the advantage of not having to get up early to travel to our campus or waste time trying to pick the perfect outfit.

If you join us on-campus, as the UK’s second biggest city our City South Campus has great transport links via train, bus or road. Please be aware, although our City South Campus is outside Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ), if you drive through the CAZ on your journey to visit us, and your vehicle is not compliant, you will be charged. Visiting us on-campus also means you can meet up in person with your future student colleagues.


Get your questions answered

At our online and on-campus ATDs you will able to join Q&A sessions with other offer holders from your course. This will allow you to ask specific course or module-related questions of our staff and students.

Do take some time to prepare for your ATD by thinking of and writing down questions and having your laptop, tablet, notebook or smart-phone ready.


Free experience

We don’t charge for our ATDs, although please bear in mind transport/parking costs and possible lunch costs if you are attending in person. Also, remember that if you choose to spend longer on your visit (which is a great way to experience the area around the campus) it may cost you more in parking fees and refreshments.

If you take part online, you can save on transport costs and enjoy free refreshments at home!

What’s next?

Once you’ve attended your ATD, you can start planning for university. You may want to think about your journey to campus, and familiarise yourself with maps of our City South campus and surrounding area.  Our blog also features a range of information about the facilities at City South and what the local area has to offer, as well as tips to help you get ready for university.

In addition, you can find more information specific to your course on our School blog pages:

Take a look around

Discover more about City South and what facilities the campus has to offer.

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