Adriana Cahongo 940x600 - Adriana sat in the study space in Curzon B

Adriana Cahongo

Event, Venue and Experience Management - BA (Hons)

When Adriana was 18, she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, but that doesn’t stop her excelling at university and getting involved with all the opportunities on our Events, Venue and Experience Management course.

When I was little I wanted to be a doctor, but, when I turned 18, I was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and my psychologist told me that I should change my area of interest. I had been trying for over four years to get the grades to go into medicine. She showed me a list of options, and only one of them caught my attention… a professional job title, “Event Organisation Technician”. I had been working with my students’ union, at my school in Portugal, planning events for the students such as school dances, final year trips and many other events - but I never thought of it as a profession. That’s when I came across Events, Venue and Experience Management at BCU.

“When the opportunity came, to live in the UK to study, I didn’t even think twice. After talking to my parents, I applied to study the course. When I got accepted, I was over the moon, and that’s how this adventure started.

“It was a big decision for me to move to the UK, but I know that there are endless amounts of opportunities here, especially in such a developing city like Birmingham - and it really shows, as I have been involved with running events such as the British Indoor Athletic Championships and will get the chance to be involved in the 2022 Commonwealth Games which is being hosted in Birmingham!

“The opportunities are so great since I learn so much from the course itself also. I’ve been learning a lot about management and I’ve become a more organised individual with my studies. My presentation skills have improved thoroughly, which has boosted my confidence, and that’s why I became a student ambassador and now represent my course on open days and in other activities. I’ve gained even more experience in events, with many volunteering and paid work experiences. I’ve felt comfortable enough to open my own society within the University, called The Events Society, to help other students get work experience. With this, I can practise managing, so I’m more than ready when I open my own events company.

“In my first year, I was struggling a lot with finding a job and that made my financial situation very complicated. I had to work to pay for my living costs, with the help of my family. My rent was paid, but I didn’t have much money for food and I decided to go to the University for help. They helped me so much. The University Student Affairs team gave me food on the spot and tried to help me look for grants, scholarships and other things that could help my situation. Without this support, I would’ve gone back home, so I’m forever grateful to BCU for their help and support.

“I AM BCU, to me, means that we are all on the same journey; each and every one of us is going through the same things and we are all in this together. I AM BCU represents our union, and I believe that’s what has made my experience so much better at university.”